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Let me ask you a question… What do the companies in the graphic have in common? Yes they are all global companies and are worth billions of pounds and are household names. They do however share one common feature in that they interact with their audience via a number of different channels including social media and e-mail broadcasting…. but there is one other… Push Notifications!! Yes they all use them… You may have seen the pop up in the bottom right of your computer screen when you get a Facebook notification or message from ebay.

Until very recently this kind of technology was only available to those who had very deep pockets and could afford to build their own ‘platforms’ and as a result those who have embraced this new technology have succeeded to increase their subscriber bases many times over and increase their customer engagement exponentially. With e-mail open rates on the decline and with the continual increase in junk e-mail large companies have turned to push notification technology as they could afford to do so…. the costs involved for the small to medium sized business didn’t warrant a realistic return on investment (ROI).

We are pleased to say that we are now in a position to offer this groundbreaking technology bundled into a new push notification service to our existing and new clients at a price which represents exceptional value…. more details can be found here.

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