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Push Notification Marketing

Discover The Next Generation of Push Notification Technology That Gets Subscribers AND Builds Your Email List!

Let me take just 2 minutes to explain EXACTLY how this works…

A website visitor is using Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or any android phone.. and they land on your website. Push Notifications allow you to display a friendly, customized soft ask for their permission to connect with them in the future.

When the user says YES, it takes them through the 2 step process for browser permission and as an option we could take it one step further by asking for their email address.

Because when they said YES the first time, it provided a micro-commitment that allows us to continue asking for more information.

If a visitor says YES to you the first time, it’s much easier to ask again.

In fact, here’s some proven cases studies that will shock you:

CASE STUDY #1: Push Notifications are BETTER than Email

According to Xtify, open rates with Push Notifications are as high as 30% to 60% and interaction rates are as high as 40%. Compare to the average email open rate at 20% and average click thru rate at 5.4%

Source: Xtify

CASE STUDY #2: Push Notifications INCREASE sales by 50%

Over 50% of people who sign up for push notifications do it in order to GAIN access to special and exclusive offers – Localytics research shows 54% convert from push notifications compared to the typical 15%.

Source: Localytics

CASE STUDY #3: Retention Rate of Push Notification User is 65% vs 19% without Push Notifications

With over 65% of users returning to the site after 30 days vs the average of just 19% of people who normally return to your site, you can increase your return visitors by over 293% using Push Notifications!

In fact, Adweek studies have shown a 2 month visit rate is STILL well over 130% over the average.

Source: Urban Airship


With any Push Notification marketing though, you will be able to choose exactly when your audience see your messages and direct them to any website page you wish. This ensures that you can approach your specific audience exactly when they’ll be most receptive to your message. No longer are you waiting for your audience to come to you – you are reaching them right on their Pc’s.

To find out more about how our Push Notification marketing strategies work and to get your free quote and consultation, just get in touch.


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