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Website Analysis

Analyse your website – Identify any technical issues that lower your rankings in the search engines

Site errors can be a flag to search engines — if your website has signs of poor quality, why would Google give you high rankings? Most Search Engine Optimisation Consultants do know this, but only very few are skilled to identify and fix all site errors. That’s why we provide a full website analysis for our clients— the website analysis helps you avoid any on-page problems and ensures stable, efficient and rewarding Search Engine Optimisation.

Our full website analysis includes:

  • All the technical issues that lower your search engine rankings
  • Provides advice on how to fix the problems
  • Can show how your competitors are handling on-page SEO
  • Provides keyword usage advice for each of your pages

Detailed Website Analysis Report

Get a healthier website and higher search engine rankings!

Our full website analysis report lets you optimise your website on two levels: on-site (domain) and on-page (content). It helps you both power up the ranking potential of your whole site and make specific webpages rank high for your chosen keywords and includes:

  • Indexing and crawlability errors
  • Encoding and technical factors — pages with Flash and frames, “heavy” pages, etc.
  • Links — pages with too many outgoing links, broken links, dofollow external links.
  • Content issues — duplicate/too long titles, too long meta descriptions, thin-content pages.
  • Optimize content of every page for your important keywords
  • Get social media and traffic stats for each of your pages

And that’s only the beginning…

Once your website is set to dominate the search engines, we are able to schedule your website analysis to run health-checks automatically. So if you run into trouble at any time in the future, this smart on-page analysis tool will notify you of any future action to be taken.

Below you can get an instant free analysis of your website via e-mail, this isn’t as detailed as our full website analysis but analyses dozens of factors about your website in seconds. This information comes from a variety of sources, including search engines, highly regarded SEO tools, and your very own website. Each factor that we analyze carries weight based on how important that factor is to major search engines. The website analysis tool then calculates your overall SEO score and rates your website performance. If you require a more detailed analysis of your report you only have to contact us on the email provided in your report.

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