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A new look for a New Year!!

The Internet Consultancy team took advantage of the poor weather over the Christmas period to redesign the website and rebrand the company with a fresh new image. Not that there was anything wrong with what we already had, but to portray our range of services to meet the ever increasing demand for the full range of services that we provide.

The business started out in 2003 primarily as a Search Engine Optimisation Marketing Consultancy and Website Design Agency, with our core strengths in providing advice to existing businesses on how to get their websites found and on the first page in the Search Engines such as Google, Bing (formerly the Microsoft Network) and Yahoo. Over the years we have embraced and adapted the latest technologies to provide our clients with up to date analytical data on their websites and the most up to date software to meet their design needs.

Moving forward into 2016 and beyond we are now able to provide a full range of Digital Marketing Services under one roof thereby keeping our clients costs under control. There are no projects too large or too small and our services are very competitively priced. Our ‘ethos’ is to work together with our clients after understanding their needs and objectives and help to develop their business in the long term and build lasting relationships.

Our slogan is ‘Making Websites Work’ which is what we have been doing now for over 13 years and as marketing consultants ‘first’ and designers ‘second’ we are ideally placed to ensure the success of our new and existing clients in an increasingly competitive market place.

For more information on any of our services or for a free no obligation discussion please contact us.


Website Analysis & SEO

Run your site’s SEO audit – find and fix all technical issues that lower your rankings!!

The Internet Consultancy launches its FREE online website analyis tool!!

Put simply there is little point spending a lot of money on a ‘website that doesn’t work’… there are many definitions of a ‘website that doesn’t work’ but most of the common complaints about web designers that we have encountered when advising new clients include:

  • The website doesn’t rank highly in the search engines
  • The website has visitors but doesn’t generate any sales or enquiries
  • It doesn’t display on a mobile phone
  • It is difficult and expensive to update
  • It isn’t backed up
  • There are no analytics in place
  • No Social Media Interaction
  • The website takes too long to display a page

This is just a selection of what we come across and it doesn’t take much to rectify the common (and often expensive) problems which if addressed at the outset need never occur. We have found that in many cases the root cause of the problems lie with web designers professing to be experts in SEO and Marketing when often they are not. The saying ‘a little knowledge can be dangerous’ definitely applies in this case. A web designer may well have more knowledge about SEO and Marketing than the prospect they are trying to sell their web design service to….. This doesn’t however make them an expert in their field…. Lets face it, if web design was difficult there wouldn’t be as many web designers to choose from.

The bottom line is, if you are planning a new website then do your research first… What is your Unique Selling Point (USP)? Indentify your target marketplace, research it, research the competition, ask yourself can your website compete in the marketplace or niche where you sell your product, …. if it cant rethink your strategy and start again. Don’t pay for and launch a website thinking it will work, without  firstly composing a comprehensive marketing and business plan…. It will take a little time but will save you time and money in the long run.

To help with research we have launched a free online website analysis tool where if you have an existing website you can instantly identify how your website is performing. If you are planning a new website you could enter the URL (website address) of your competitors to see how well their website performs….it may give you an idea of how hard or easy it will be to compete with them 😉

You can get your free website analysis by visiting this page

After you have your analysis you can obtain a review of your website for free by supplying your e-mail address.

The Internet consultancy can provide a free consultation for any existing or new website owners without any obligation whatsoever… to find out more please contact us

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